With great love and passion for piano & choir singing Rohan starts his career as a choir conductor in 2004. After graduating at HKU Music in Education he decides to specialize in Rhythmic Choir Music. He finishes his master & soloist (post-master) at the Royal Academy of Aalborg (DK) in 2019.

‘Innovative Choir Leading’ represents a capella singing, vocal (group) improvisation, circle singing, rehearsed music and the methodology to aim for the highest artistic level. With his humble presence, communication and musical skills Rohan is an experienced and inspiring teacher and musician.

“The most fascinating element of music and singing in general is the teambuilding part.”

Rohan is currently working as the artistic director at Vocal Statements.

Working together with his colleague Anthony Heidweiller he designs a specific program for secondary schools VMBO level.

He works internationally (BE, DE, FIN, DK, China) as a coach and trainer for music teachers and conductors. He is also the conductor and artistic leader at “The Amsterdam Vocals”.

He teaches at HKU Conservatory (Gospel minor), Codarts (Vocal Leadership) Rotterdam, and ArtEZ Zwolle (Choir Leading).